Think Your Pipeline is Unpiggable?
Custom Solutions is the Answer

We design pigging solutions customized to your pipeline. Whether that’s a custom-designed pig, pig-train, short-term ILI cleaning program, or long-term cleaning regimen, SUN provides customized solutions that will meet the distinctive needs of your pipeline.

Custom Solutions is the answer to your pigging problems.
Custom Solutions is the answer to your pigging problems. We know how frustrating and costly it can be when standard cleaning pigs fail. From getting stuck to not cleaning your line, standard cleaning pigs often fall short of expectations. Consult with SUN and let us help you design a solution that works for your needs of today with the future in mind.

Custom Pipeline Pig Solutions

We can fully customize these core products with any configuration of:

  • Cups
  • Discs
  • Gauge plates
  • Brushes
  • Magnets
  • Durometers
  • Transmitters
These urethane body pigs can be customized with any configuration of brushes, magnets, durometers, and transmitters:
We possess the capability to formulate a completely personalized cleaning regimen, meticulously tailored to your requirements, using any of our molds. Our in-house production encompasses everything from urethane to brushes, making SUN and our family of brands the ultimate destination for your cleaning program.
Need a plan for your upcoming ILI schedule? We have over 50 years experience in designing programs that diagnose, clean, and verify your lines are ready ensuring first-run success. Take the guesswork out of cleaning, let the power of SUN+Winterhawk let you know precisely where you stand when it matters most.

Cast Creation

Custom Cleaning Program

Custom Cleaning Program

Custom Multi Diameter Super Pig

Custom Super Mandrel

Custom Mandrel

Custom Mandrel

SuperPig Customization

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