Comprehensive Pipeline Services

For pipelines, you deserve a partner who is there for all your pressures, problems, and plans.

Whether you’re facing a pre-ILI cleaning or setting up a routine cleaning regimen, there is no other place in the market to go than with our family of brands. Working with Winterhawk and Sun or Inline we can diagnose your pipeline and provide solutions for your challenges, all under one roof. See deeper into your pipeline with Winterhawk + Sun + Inline.

Winterhawk Pipeline Solutions is your go-to expert in pipeline pre-inspection technologies, specializing in assessing your pipeline’s geometry and cleanliness. Across the industry, it’s widely acknowledged that geometry tools are indispensable for comprehensive pipeline inspections, as they provide precise insights into the pipeline’s condition. This information is critical for evaluating the risk of failures, gauging pipeline cleanliness, and planning necessary repair or replacement work.

Our Winterhawk service boasts a robust and dependable collection of cutting-edge geometry tools. These tools are designed to be user-friendly and are plug-and-play-ready right out of the box. Whether you have a Winterhawk technical expert on hand or not, the process is straightforward, and we offer a remarkable 24-hour turnaround from the moment the tool is shipped to when you receive the field inspection report.


Lowering the flow rate can be a tricky decision to make. It involves complex coordination between various teams, such as those responsible for pipeline integrity, daily operations, gas control, business aspects, and end-users. This process can eat up valuable time and resources, especially when you’re racing against a tight inspection deadline. The other option, sending a standard cleaning pig without reducing the flow, often results in multiple runs at speeds that are both unsafe and inefficient.


At SUN, we’re not your run-of-the-mill pig manufacturer. We’re your dedicated pipeline integrity experts, committed to ensuring your pipelines stay clean year-round for the utmost in customer satisfaction. No challenge is too daunting for us, whether it’s dealing with consecutive 1.5D bends, pipelines with varying OD, or different wall thicknesses. Our specialists excel at tailoring solutions that perfectly match your pipeline’s unique cleaning needs.

What sets us apart at SUN is our unwavering commitment to providing an unparalleled customer experience. We go the extra mile by asking the questions that others overlook, making your needs our top priority, and continuously striving for innovation in both products and techniques. All of this is carried out with an unmatched sense of urgency. Ultimately, our primary focus is on cultivating and nurturing strong relationships to tackle any pipeline problem that comes our way.