Magna Sygg: Revolutionizing Pipeline Integrity

Magna-Sygg is a revolutionary product offered by Sun Pipeline Solutions, a leading provider of pipeline cleaning solutions in Tulsa, OK. With years of experience in the industry, Sun Pipeline Solutions has consistently delivered high-quality services to its clients and has established itself as a trusted name in the market.


The MAGNA-SYGG from SUN Pipeline is truly a non-intrusive pipeline pig detector. Simple and rugged, it can be strapped to the surface of a pipe or it can be used as a portable pig passage indicator. You do not have to shut down the pipeline and wait for an expensive crew to install special fittings – the MAGNA-SYGG pig detector is ready to go to work. It is a low voltage system, powered by lightweight batteries that can last up to 30 days.

Non-Intrusive Technology

Magna-Sygg is designed to be non-intrusive, which means it does not require any special fittings or shutdown of the pipeline for installation. This eliminates the need for expensive crews and minimizes downtime, saving both time and money for our clients. Our innovative technology allows for seamless integration into your pipeline system without causing any disruptions.

Portable and Easy to Use

The compact and lightweight design of Magna-Sygg makes it easy to handle and transport. It can be used as a portable pig passage indicator or strapped to the surface of the pipe. The non-intrusive installation and low voltage system make it simple to use, with minimal maintenance required.

Weather Proof Detector

Weather Proof & Explosion Proof Detector


The Magna-Sygg is truly a non-intrusive pipeline pig detector. Simple and rugged, it can be strapped to the surface of a pipe or it can be used as a portable pig passage indicator. You do not have to shut down the pipeline and wait for an expensive crew to install special fittings – the Magna-Sygg pig detector is ready to go to work.

Magna-Sygg operates by reacting to changes in magnetic field strength (changes in magnetic flux density). A passing pig, which has been properly fitted with a suitable magnet, will induce a current within the detector’s base. Upon detection of the magnetic field, the pig detector then activates a NO (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed) Relay, that has a 7 second reset delay. Contacts are rated 1/4 A at 24 VDC.

Magna-Sygg detectors can be used with any of SUN Pipeline’s pigging products: Super Pig, Super Cast Pig, Tuff Cast Pig, Super Mandrel Pig, or Super Sphere, that have been equipped with SUN Pipeline’s unique, flexible magnet arrangement. The Magna-Sygg pipeline pig detector has been successfully tested and used on 4” thru 48” pipelines. It is not recommended that you attempt to scrap/destroy other manufacturers’ pigs with this pig detector. Under certain conditions, it may be possible to pass a pig without the detector activating. Sun Pipeline Solutions recommends that you consult a qualified engineer or technician prior to placing an order for our MAGNA-SYGG pig detectors.


The MAGNA-SYGG can be installed permanently in less than five minutes. Simply strap it to the pipe using the built-in ratchet mechanism and a wrench. No special tools are required.

The MAGNA-SYGG can also be attached temporarily. In addition to trap duty, the detector can be placed to verify pig passage through tees, valves, elbows or any “trouble spot”. To prevent vandalism or theft, the MAGNA-SYGG can be easily removed after each use and safely stored away until needed again.

Since the MAGNA-SYGG does not penetrate the pipe wall, neither the structural integrity nor the flow efficiency of the pipeline will be compromised.

The weather proof MAGNA-SYGG has few moving parts to wear out and its durability is well established. In fact, the first units manufactured are still in permanent service today, having endured the harsh climates of rural Wyoming since 1990.

If outfitted with the proper reusable magnetic cartridge, any pig or sphere will be easily detected by the MAGNA-SYGG, even those with metal bodies, brushes or gage plates.

One unit can be used with a wide range of line sizes, schedules and locations. The MAGNA-SYGG can even be supplied with a remote base for sub-sea lines.

Gases, liquids, sludges, slurries, or gel slugs: The MAGNA-SYGG is not influenced by the product’s density, viscosity or by the presence of suspended solids.

Advantages of Using Magna-Sygg

  • Non-intrusive installation – eliminates need for special fittings and costly crews
  • Portable and lightweight design – easy to handle and transport
  • Low voltage system – powered by lightweight batteries that last up to 30 days
  • Customizable cleaning services tailored to meet specific needs of clients
  • Non-destructive technology – no disruption or downtime during pigging process

Custom Cleaning Pigs

To complement the use of Magna-Sygg, Sun Pipeline Solutions also offers custom cleaning pigs for efficient and thorough pipeline cleaning. Our team of experts will work with you to design a pig that meets your specific requirements and effectively cleans your pipeline. With our customized cleaning pigs, we can ensure maximum efficiency and minimal downtime for your operations.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Magna-Sygg and our custom cleaning pigs can benefit your pipeline maintenance, please contact us at Sun Pipeline Solutions today. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your pipeline cleaning needs!

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