Wrap Brush: Precision Cleaning for Pipelines

Compatible Pigs

  • Aluminum Mandrel Pig
  • Steel Mandrel Pig
  • Urethane Pigs

Sun Pipeline Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipeline pigging products, catering to the energy industry in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their innovative product range includes steel mandrel pigs that are highly effective in cleaning, drying, and inspecting pipelines.

Introduction to Wrap Brush

The Wrap Brush is a revolutionary product offered by Sun Pipeline Solutions that combines the advantages of a steel mandrel pig with the added effectiveness of brush cleaning. This innovative product is designed to enhance the cleaning and maintenance process of pipelines, making it an essential tool for any pipeline operator.

How does Wrap Brush work?

The Wrap Brush is composed of a steel mandrel pig that is wrapped in durable brush elements. As the steel mandrel pig travels through the pipeline, the brush elements work to effectively remove any debris or buildup, leaving the pipeline clean and free from obstructions. This unique design ensures a thorough cleaning process, even in areas that are difficult to access.

Benefits of using Wrap Brush

The Wrap Brush offers numerous benefits for pipeline operators:

  • Efficient cleaning: The combination of steel mandrel pig and brush elements makes Wrap Brush highly efficient in cleaning pipelines. It effectively removes debris, wax buildup, and other contaminants, allowing for smoother pipeline operations.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: With regular use of Wrap Brush, pipeline owners can reduce the need for expensive maintenance procedures such as hydrostatic testing or chemical cleaning. This results in cost savings and increases the overall lifespan of the pipeline.
  • Improved safety: By keeping pipelines clean and free from obstructions, Wrap Brush helps to ensure safer operations for pipeline operators. This reduces the risk of accidents and costly downtime.
  • Customizable options: Sun Pipeline Solutions offers customizable options for their Wrap Brush product, allowing clients to choose brush elements based on their specific needs. This makes it a versatile solution for various types of pipelines.

Compatible Pigs

Wrap Brush

The Wrap Brush can easily be added to any urethane or steel mandrel bodied pig. The frame gets clamped together and bolted for a secure hold and complete coverage of the pipe’s wall. Options for the wires include carbon steel, stainless steel, prostran and pencil brush. With various wire types available, the Wrap Brush can be customized for different pipeline cleaning needs.

associated products

The HZ Brush is another innovative product offered by Sun Pipeline Solutions that effectively cleans horizontal pipelines. It is designed to fit inside the pipeline and can be used in conjunction with Wrap Brush for a more thorough cleaning process.
The Flat Wire Ring Brush is a versatile product that can be used for both cleaning and inspecting pipelines. Its unique design allows it to fit through tight bends and provide 360-degree coverage, making it an essential tool for any pipeline maintenance team.
The PIT Cleaning ™ Brush is specifically designed to clean pits and sumps that collect debris and other contaminants during pipeline operations. Its compact size allows it to fit into tight spaces, making pit cleaning a quick and easy process.

Trust Sun Pipeline Solutions for all your Pipeline Pigging Products

Sun Pipeline Solutions’ Wrap Brush is a must-have tool for any pipeline operator looking to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations. This innovative product offers numerous benefits and can be customized to meet specific cleaning needs. With support from compatible pigs and associated products, the Wrap Brush provides a comprehensive solution for pipeline maintenance.  So why wait? Contact Sun Pipeline Solutions today to learn more about our Wrap Brush and other pipeline pigging products. Trust us for all your pipeline cleaning needs!

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